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Ayurveda Health Care Tips is a patient-centred dental hygiene facility committed to accommodating all patients’ to the best of our ability. Our patients are always impressed by the care we offer and our interest in assisting them. Our staff members focus on making you feel comfortable when you visit, whether it is for advice, preventive care, or treatment. Our professional team in the local area is always ready to offer dental care information that helps you make important and informed oral health decisions. If you’d like to book an appointment, please contact us on the form below.

Dental hygienist services

Our dental hygienists are specially trained to offer top-quality scaling and polishing services. As such, they play a crucial role in helping all patients to care for their teeth by ensuring they are plaque free. They also offer invaluable advice on diet and decay prevention. Other dental hygienist services include; concealing of unsightly teeth, teeth whitening, application of fissure seal on children’s teeth, fluoride administration, teeth stain removal, teeth brushing sessions for kids, dental care advice for adults, seniors and children as well as offering preventative care guidance regarding the gums and teeth.

Daily care tips from your Hygienist

We believe that great daily care is the best way to prevent tooth decay and improve your overall oral hygiene. That’s why when you visit us, we will discuss your lifestyle choices, including your dietary habits, whether you smoke, and how much alcohol you drink. That way, we can offer personalised advice for you to improve the condition of your teeth. We may also recommend specialist products if you’re suffering with sensitivity, and may recommend that you use interdental brushes or floss. Both of these products help to remove plaque and keep your smile fresh and clean.


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